The Killing Pork -or- Praising Domestic Abuse

Pop quiz: What’s the difference between Ms. Piggy and the Joker? 

 Here are a few questions, see if they apply to Joker or Ms. Piggy

  • Humiliate or yell at their partner
  • Act out violently towards their partner
  • Criticize their partner
  • Treat their partner so badly they are embarrassed for their friends or family to see
  • Ignore or put down their partner’s opinions or accomplishments?
  • Blame their partner’s for their own abusive behavior and failure
  • See their partner as property or a sex object, rather than as a person
  • Act excessively jealous and possessive
  • Control where their partner goes or what they do
  • Keep their partner from seeing others
  • Constantly check up on you?

Funny isn’t it...if you think about it, they all seem to apply. 

Hmm, about this list of descriptors. Can you tell me which one applies to whom?

  • Charming
  • Spontaneous and intense
  • Don’t feel shame or remorse. 
  • Invent outrageous lies
  • Seek to dominate others
  • Need to win at all costs
  • Highly intelligent
  • Speak poetically 
  • Delusional 

 Again, both fun and beloved characters seem to have all the attributes from the list. Weird right? 

 Well, The first list is a list of are behaviors displayed by the aggressors in domestic abuse relationships. The second list are signs demonstrated by people with the tendencies of a sociopath

Essentially The Joker and Ms. Piggy are both assholes. Abusive, sociopath assholes. 

So why the shit do so many people dress up as Harley Quinn come comic convention time? Not that I dislike cosplay. Far from it. I think it is an awesome expression of fan love for their favorite characters! 

On a side note to my dear Anime and League of Legends cosplayers, if someone asks you what you are dressed as, don’t be a snarky asshole who looks down on the person asking because they are not versed in your quadrant of the nerd-osphere.

But seriously, they do realize that Harley is a victim of domestic abuse, right? The Joker and Harley have a long, MESSED UP history of abuse and reconciliation, be it from the animated series or the comics. I know we like her spunky attitude, and she is a powerful, insane reflection of the Id along with being a sex symbol (who doesn’t love a shapely clown with a giant mallet or bat?!). But Harley does/did display some of the the signs of the abused in a relationship when w/Joker:

Abused -

  • feels afraid of their partner
  • avoid certain topics out of fear of angering their partner
  • believe that they deserve to be hurt or mistreated
  • wonder if they’re the one who is crazy

Her latest comic run has a much more empowered, self reliant Harley, and that’s good. But, I foresee a similar relationship w/Deadshot coming

And, over in Muppet land things aren’t better. Ms. Piggy has been a brassy and full figures, felt covered sex symbol for the last 40 years. But, she also is prone to acts of rage and violent outbursts striking not only Kermit over and over but guests of the show. Don’t believe me? Here is a list of Muppet Show guests she has hit over the years:'s_karate_chops

 Kermit has suffered this sociopathic diva for 50 years of television and eight movies. At least he eventually got a new girlfriend in Denise. But all those years he suffered her abuse, physical and psychological abuse. And we laughed. 

 So, outside of song and dance variety shows, made of cloth, haunting The Batman, speaking in a really stupid voice....well that one fits, and outside killing Jason Todd with a crowbar, The Joker and Ms. Piggy characters are in essence the same narcissistic bags of douche. 

Seriously, someone needs to photoshop in Ms. Piggy

Seriously, someone needs to photoshop in Ms. Piggy

 Weep for their victims. 

So, what’s the difference between Ms. Piggy and The me, nothing. 

On a serious note:

The topic is while meant to be semi-humorous is also semi-serious. Note: At NO time is domestic abuse condoned. If you are in an abusive relationship:

Please leave...NOW! 

Get help

They will NOT change

You CAN do better. I swear to you.  

 To perpetrators of domestic abuse, male or female: you are cowardly sacks of shit. Too afraid to be vulnerable. Ironically too chicken shit to admit you are afraid. I know violence only begets more violence. I don’t care about hyour background. I don’t care about how you were raised. I only care about the actions you do to others and I hope you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

But I’d like to go on record as saying: if hooking you up to a car battery until you were a crying, pissing, shitting, apologetic mound of flesh, I just need to be reminded whether black or red is positive or negative (I always forget). 

 National Domestic Violence Hotline: