Cathartic Hate -or- Tolerable Intolerance

Happy Fourth of July to everyone. I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a great Independence Day! I’ve written a lot recently, about tolerance, acceptance and generally being good to one another no matter race, sex, gender identity or religious affiliation. And I honestly believe all people deserve fair and equal treatment #humanist #egalitarian

But damn it...even my saint like tolerance wanes sometimes. As I am sure yours does as well. And sometimes, you just need to let it out. So this week, let’s put a pin in tolerance and address a few personality types, quirks and other little things. If for no other reason than just to have a fun rant. 

Pointy Brown Shoes and the Men Who Wear Them - Maybe it’s my drifting into the world of middle age...but you look ridiculous. Like a Keebler elf who is trying revive the Bee Gees, your shoes scream “please take my lunch money”. Ladies and gentlemen, if your loved one told you you look good in them, or “it’s the style”, they are lying to you. It is obvious from your floppy feet they want them to look bad on purpose. They are bad people. Remember “in style” comes and goes. These were once in style as were these:


Jeep People - I get it. You like the lifestyle, freewheeling sense of freedom and lack of side-curtain airbags (your idiotic waving to other Jeep owners was stolen from motorcycle riders 

If you're a good driver who is respectful, hey, drive on Jeep amigo! But, if you drive on the highway like it is an outback safari I hope...nay, pray, you are introduced to a ditch and your lack of doors allow you to achieve flight. For those who swerve through traffic in their Jeep, one leg out of the vehicle, tossing granola bars behind you on your way to your next kayak adventure (in my head they do that), you are a nuisance and deserve to meet a tree. 

 Your Fucking Beard - Sigh. A good beard is a cool expression of masculinity, no doubt. But, there is a limit. Unless you are a civil war enthusiast, an extra on AMC’s Vikings, or a bassist in a metal band, get that shit under control. Other than the weird guy at the gym with still wearing the toboggan hat and grunting, most people sporting the crazy beard look like they’ve never worked a day in their lives. Below are three pictures, can you spot the one who's "earned his beard?  

 Your Workout is Your Business - I know this is low hanging fruit, but I’ll be damned if people won’t stop. So, once again, I’ll say it for the world: No one gives a flying fuck what your latest time, rep, max, yoga pose or crossfit WOD was on social media. Now, you may say “But Gib, people need encouragement. And, it’s not hurting anyone to post their commitment to fitness” And that is true...sort of. There comes a point when said workout person is just humble bragging their way into a superiority complex. You’ll know it's happening when they start giving you diet and exercise tips...whether you asked or not. Which means they are doing it for attention, not for themselves.