In my quest to become a writer, I have met a lot of great people with great presses. This page is dedicated to highlighting them and showcasing their work!

In other words, Shameless Plugs and Shills!



This is Jim Bernheimer, owner of Amber Cove and a talented writer. His Confessions  of a D-List Supervillain made me want to get off my butt and write my own novel. Click on his image for his Amazon Author Page! Or, check out his website at

Meet CT Phipps, author of Rules of Supervillainy, Games of Supervillainy, Essoterrorism  and more! Click on his image to go to his Amazon Author Page!

Follow his incredible reviews at

Tim Marquitz is the co-owner of Ragnarok Publishing. His Demon Squad series and War God Rising is definitively worth your time! Click his image for his Amazon Author Page! Check out his homepage at

US Army's own Brian Parker is an author and owner of Muddy Boots Press, LLC. His zombie Washington, Dead City series include Gnash, Rend and Sever. Click his image for his Amazon Author Page! You can see his homepage at

Kindra Sowder is the author of Hello, My Name is..., and the Follow the Ashes series. As well, she is the president/CEO for Burning Willow Press, LLC. Click her image for her Amazon Author Page!

Follow her at